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How to get rid of dark underarms?

Underarm discoloration is not caused due to some disease, may be caused for shaving of armpit, deodorant or antiperspirant may be one of the reason for your dark patches and sometimes due to sweating as it cause the growth of bacteria which results in dark underarms. How to get rid of dark underarms?, is the only question that goes around your head before wearing your favorite sleeveless dresses. Don't worry about your dark patches anymore, here are few easy home remedies which will help you to get rid of your dark patches.
1. Potato

As potato contain mild acidic property it is great to remove underarm dark patches and it also don't cause irritation to your skin.
take a slice of potato or grate a small amount and  apply thoroughly on that area.leave it for 15 to 20 mins, let it dry then wash with lukewarm water.repeat this process daily if not at least twice a week. 2.Baking Soda
Backing soda is not only used in household purposes but also act as great exfoliate for your skin.…

What To Wear In Indian Wedding as a Female Guest?

Indian weddings is all about different cultures and rituals.  Bride want to look the most gorgeous or stunning women on that day, and of course its her day. But the guest who are invited is absolutely confused what to wear on that day, they also want to look their best on that prosperous day. Indian weddings are not one day affair it continues for 5 to 6 days depending on the rituals as India is filled with different cultural backdrop. People wear traditional clothes like saris, lahengas, salwar suit but it is common so, if you want to look different with these things in a different way.You will also get a spotlight on that day, people will definitely compliment you.To choose perfect outfit for 5 ceremony is tedious job so, here are some of the ways we have listed just for you.
What can you wear for engagement? We always get worried about what to wear for engagement or any kind of party. In an engagement, we want to get a look not so gorgeous and just keep it simple but also elegant.…

Best lipstick shades for dusky skin tone

People with fair skin tone looks beautiful and get all attraction and makeup dresses everything look good on them is a myth now. People having dusky skin looks really attractive, many people adore them. Makeup actually flatters dusky skin tone but they have to be careful choosing their perfect shade and color. Lipstick is one of the essential thing in makeup it just completes the look or without makeup just the lipstick also looks great. People with dusky skin tone can use all the colors but every person have their likes and dislikes what they want to wear or when they want to wear, also depends on which occasion they want to wear. You can look for nude color, go for bold and brighter colors depends on you.
TipsYou can use a lip scrubber or you can also use honey and sugar as a scrubber to clean out the dead cells.After that use a good lip balm to moisture your lips.If your lips are dark or have black patches then apply foundation or concealer before applying lipstick this will help t…

How to remove tan from your face overnight

Now a days Tan is 365 days companion. Wheatish or bronze skin tone looks attractive but tan don’t . Tan lines makes it so prominent whats your  actual colour and how much tanned you are.Warm and sunny weather are great for outdoor activities but it comes with tan lines, irritation in skin and going out without a sunscreen is a nightmare but then also with so much use of sunscreen it doesn’t prevent us from getting tanned. We tried to put together a list of ways to removes tan.

To remove tan we need to go through a process:CleansingExfoliationTan removal pack Cleansing Cleansing is an important process of everyone’s beauty regime.  Here to kick start the process you need to clean up the affected area. Cleansing removes the impurities from the skin. To do cleansing you may follow these processes which are easily available.
Milk and Baking soda: You need a cup of milk, baking soda and a cotton ball. Mix baking soda and milk, then dip cotton ball or pad in the mixture and apply thoroughly…