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10 Natural Ways To Straighten Your Hair

Want to flick your hair like they do in a movies, but you can't because you have curly or frizzy hair. As everybody knows, straight smooth hair are more hassle free, that mean you can less worry about your hair and more about other things. People with curly hair are blessed because they look so cute but it is so hard to style a curly hair, but straight hair looks more sexy and you can style it as you want. When you straighten your hair using chemical and heat it damages your hair overtime. So here are few options to straighten your hair naturally.
1. Hot Oil Massage:
Hot Oil message is like killing two birds with one stone. In this case hot oil massage is hydrating your hair as well as helping you in straightening your hair. It will take time but eventually you will get a healthy straight hair. The heat of the oil will tame the wavy or frizziness of the hair.
Slightly heat the oil, preferably non fragrant oil. Don't over heat the oil it will burn your hand and scalp.Don't …

Makeup tips to make you look younger

Who don't want to look evergreen?
We all look up to celebrities that how they look younger at the age of 40 !!
We all get older day by day and we miss the healthy, glowing and youthful looking skin. We all dream of looking young in our older age but it is not possible without taking care of your skin. We should always take care of our skin at our very early age, otherwise we have to undergo into surgeries or any critical processes.  Youthful looking skin is the reflection of your health and fitness of your body. By maintaining good skin care routine, changing your lifestyle, doing exercise, using good skin friendly products will help you to stay young and have a glowing skin too.
There are several ways to maintain your skin accordingly at your early age, for that you need a proper skin care routine and also tips that will help you look young from inside and it will surely reflects from outside. Those tips are-

1. Cleansing your face and at the same time don't over wash your f…

Daily Fashion Mistakes to Avoid Now and Forever

Fashion trends changes with each season change, fashion is not something which will dictate you what to wear, it something you wear it, style it and own it. Don't indulge in impractical trends. You think you are selecting items which are trending now but you not getting complements which you are expecting. Then there must be some mistakes you are making and you don't realize that, you are making any.  Its not always necessary to buy new dress to look good and to get compliment, its all about how you mix and match. So Here are few fashion mistakes which you don't know you are making.

1.You are not wearing the right fit:
Wearing dress which is not correct fit for your body type is one of the common mistakes we make during dressing up. We either wear too baggy clothes or too tight fitted which left nothing for imagination and dressing up according to your age is important, you are of 40 and dressing as 20. Dressing sloppy gives a older person vibe. So first decide what is yo…

Best Way to treat acne in dry skin

Acne!! Makes us think about the time when we were teenagers and we got our first pimple. We think that only person's with oily skin tends to get pimples but its not true people with dry skin don't escape from the wrath of pimple. There are only few products which are available for dry skin, most of the products to treat acne are for oily skin. So here are few ideas which will help you from getting any breakout and few easy Home remedies to get rid of your acne.
To prevent from getting any breakouts you have to follow a skin routine.As you all know dry skins are dry ,flaky & rough, to avoid these things you have to follow a routine.As your skin is dry you need moisturizer but for your acne, you are avoiding using moisturizer.
*First and foremost rule don't you dare to scratch your pimples, so here is the process you should follow. Don't over wash
Avoid over washing your face because it will strip away your natural moisture and oils which will dry out your skin furth…