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15 Holy Grail Beauty Products That Actually Follow Through Their Claims

We all are fond of beauty products and we want such type of products that actually does wonder to your skin. Now all in our busy schedule we don't have so much time to make face packs, eat sufficient amount of nutrients, don't have enough time to sleep but we still want to look beautiful in a artificial way. So here are some products that actually follow what they claims to do.
1. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water- This micellar cleansing water wipes out all your makeup in just one swipe. It is very gentle to your skin you don't have to forcefully wipe out your makeup.It wipes out your makeup easily and doesn't dry your skin out or make it oily. It is very neutral and your skin will feel normal afterwards, rather than treated in any way. This does the job without breaking out and worth buying.

2. NYX Professional Makeup Professional Makeup Butter Gloss- If you are in love with a gloss this product is just a insane product that a gloss lover will definitel…

10 Makeup And Hairstyling Tips For Women With Thin Faces

While thinking about what look you can carry or what style you want to opt. The most important part of any styling is how you balance your makeup and style your hair.  As your face is thin, you need to apply makeup so that it look full and healthy. So we came up with a list of options which will make you look more flawless.
1.Even out your skin tone:
Your face may have many different skin shades so choose your base wisely , even out your skin tone and create an even canvas as different shades of skin tone may create illusion and elongates your face more. Any marks or dark eye patch will make your skin look dull and weak.
2.Decide on the shape of your brow:
Shape of your brow plays an important role in shaping your face. Don't keep too much arch in your brow as it will elongate your face. Keep your eyebrow long if not draw it long so that it creates an illusion that your face is broad.
3. Contouring:
It is going to be disaster if you are going to contour your cheek bone, your face…

13 Life Changing Makeup tips Every Girl Should know

It's a fun being a girl you can dress up and do makeups but not always you have to deal with few real struggle to achieve this perfect look or maintain that look. We sometimes need a quick fix and there these tips will come hand. Do you know you can use your lipstick as a blush as well as eye shadow? You can fix your broken eye shadow palette? Or you can use hairspray in so many other ways? So don't just waste your money buying new products if you just open your makeup pouch or box you will able to do so many things. Some of you are pro in doing makeup. But you must also be knowing some makeup tricks which will flatter your makeup even more. So makeup tricks are not the guidelines to do makeup its the tricks that you may know to make your makeup look more prominent and natural. Just do experiments with your makeup essentials who knows you can also find some beautiful tricks that will help you in a lot more many ways, but make sure it doesn't turn out to be a disaster.

What To Wear For Your First Date??

Tensed! about your first date, above this tension you have to think about how to dress for your First date. First Date is always nerve wrecking, there is an excitement of knowing that person which will make your palm sweat.  So you always want to dress to impress but don't go overboard or wear something that is too revealing, leave something to their imagination. So here we came up with a  few  ideas about clothes which you can wear for your first date.
1.Choose comfortable dress:

Choose something you are comfortable in, don't wear something where you are always thinking about when you will get out of those clothes. So wear something in which you are not thinking about the dress but about knowing the person. Comfortable clothing doesn't mean you go there wearing sweats, wear something which will show you have put on some efforts for that date.
2. Dress accordingly:

Check out the venue online before going on a date and dress according to the venue and don't forget abou…