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Best Home remedies to minimize pores

We all have pores and it's natural to have it, some of them have tiny pores or less eye catching and some of you may have large pores which makes you concern about that. Pores are actually the openings of hair follicles. In each pore is a sebaceous gland which produces oil, or sebum, your skin’s natural moisturizer and protector.Your pores might be more apparent on the areas of your face that produce more oil such as your forehead, chin, and around your nose. This is because these pores contain larger sebaceous glands. Pores Become larger because of dead skin cells that means they are clogged with dirt and oil and also by squeezing blackheads and pimple.
This also explains why pores might be more noticeable on oily and combination skin types, rather it appear smaller on dry skin types.
Pores cannot be totally gone it can minimized by many processes or natural ways so the lists which will help you in doing that-
Cleansing- It is the most necessary thing of your daily skin care rou…

Daily Skin Care Routine For this Summer

Summer is here and now! it brings horror show for skin.When umbrella is your best friend, you have to take a special care for your skin. Someone just don't get a healthy flawless skin seating idle, you have to nourish your skin daily and have to follow a daily skin care routine. In summer oily skin tends to get more oily and dry skin gets patchy, so removal of dirt and oil from your skin is important, to make it look fresh in hot summer day. We came up with a detailed routine which you can follow this summer.
During summer we tend to loose more water from our body than normal, as we sweat a lot. we need to hydrate ourselves by drinking lots of water, minimum 1 ltr per day. To maintain the moisture level in our body. Include fruit juice or fruits with high water content in your diet.During day time when you are out in sun and you are feeling oily and irritated use face mist to feel fresh. Here are few face mist you can use.
Here: 1. Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist