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Home remedies: How to make your skin lighter overnight

Nobody is fond of dull and uneven skin tone, we all want our skin look fair and spotless. Lightening skin can be done by many methods there are many surgeries such as laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, cryosurgery or cryotherapy, which will make you fairer and later turns out to be a skin reaction like hyperpigmentation, bacterial infection, redness, swelling, bruising and scarring and also sensitive to the sun. .
There are so many expensive fairness cream, serum, face wash that claims to make you fairer in just one or two days. You should always remember nothing can be achieve with a shortcut. All these things result in acne, blemishes, redness, breakouts, discoloration. UV rays has a huge role for your uneven skin tone or pigmentation so less sun exposure or taking protection can help you in your purpose up to a certain extent.

How is our skin color determined?
The skin color is determined by the melanin in the skin. Melanin is a pigment produce…

Home Remedies:Top 10 Home Remedies To Cure Hair Loss Effectively

A beautiful hair is our best accessory, so we need to take proper care of our hair. Hair loss is troublesome in everyone's life, excessive hair loss can traumatize someone. Young or old who doesn't want thick lustrous hair and the unhealthy lifestyle we are leading is not helping us in any way. According to the dermatologist, losing 50-100 strands of hair per day is normal but more than that it can be a problem. Fortunately we have few solutions for your hair loss problem but even if this solution doesn't work then you should definitely check with your doctor.
Reasons For Hair FallUsing chemical based products is not always a good idea, as it may be one of the reasons for your hair loss.Physical and mental stress can cause hair fall, this stress can induce hormonal changes which can lead to hair loss. Thyroid, testosterone converting to DTH is few of the hormones which can be the reason of your baldness.Over intake of Vitamin A can cause hair fall.Fungal and Bacterial inf…

Makeup Tips: 18 common makeup myths you should stop believing right now

We all have false beliefs in something that can be anything related to and we do believe it without thinking about it without finding logic behind it. In the makeup world there are also many myths that we do believe or we just try out not even thinking what effect would happen after it.  So this post is here for you to open your eyes from the misconception you made up in your mind.
1. Makeup causes breakouts, acne and its harmful to skin-
Its not your makeup that causes acne or break out, it's for not taking proper care of your skin, doesn't maintain a daily skin regime and also it is due to your inside part, not proper digestion or there are many other health issues which results in acne. Due to your dirty brushes you are using it for centuries, or using expired makeup products not throwing them. Breakout causes due to not removing makeup at night and sleep as it is it's always necessary to wear off your makeup before going to bed, it is also for your long term otherwise…

50 Fashion Tips and Tricks You Should Know In Your 30's

Fashion is something which evolves as the time goes by. Each season brings new fashion and with each fashion comes a new fashion icon who can carry that style like a pro. But there are some fashion tips and tricks which are followed by everyone and their mothers, these are the fashion tips which you can absolutely swear by. So here we same up with few tips and tricks, that will made you think "Why didn't I think of That?".
Show your skin strategically, showing too much of your skin doesn't look sexy. Knowing what to show and what to keep under wraps. It's a choice you have to make what do you want to show. To create illusion of longer leg wear nude pumps. Find shoes which matches your skin-tone.To remove bad odor from your shoes, leave orange or lemon peel inside the shoe overnight.Feel what you are wearing, don't just wear anything because you think it's trendy, just wear those things which looks good on you and you are comfortable in wearing it.Wear your…