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11 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

The common problem of every women's life is vaginal odor, this problem is faced by every women at some point of time. Vaginal odor is very common, meaning the odor is different from other parts of the body. The problem arises when the smell is too strong and persistent on coming back then you should check it with your doctor. Completely elimination of that smell is not possible or as you can say it is not good for your health. Vagina cleanliness it self a daily routine like any other beauty routine. A typical healthy vaginal smell can be described as musky smell.

Reasons for your vaginal odor

1. Good Hygiene:

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A good hygiene is most important part for your a fresh and healthy vagina.
  • Wash your vagina, every time after you use toilet and and dry it with wash cloth.
  • Use any intimate care wash and maintain the ph level of your intimate area.
  • Urinate after having sex.
  • Don't use scented soap on your intimate area.
  • Change your under wear daily or when it is sweaty and wash your under wear in a regular basis.
  • Cleaning your vagina is good for your health. Sometimes public hair don't let the dirt clean properly.

2.Using deodorant:

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Using deodorant is good if you want to hide your smell, so if you want to use any type of fragrances use it over your cloths because direct use of deodorant can cause disturbance in natural chemistry and which can cause bigger problem.

3. Menstrual Cycle:

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During menstrual cycle some women's tend to get strong  vaginal odor. The smell can be described ammonia like smell or strong metal like smell. These type of odor can be caused for various reasons.
  • Wearing a pad for a long time can cause this type of odor, so change your pad continuously at a regular interval of time.
  • Try wearing internal products like tampons, mensuration cups. In pads you are seating on wet pad through out the day and it is absorbing your sweat and it can cause infection.
  • During this time wash your vagina with intimate care wash to maintain your ph level.

4. Clothing:

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Clothing items can cause vaginal odor, Clothing item can cause irritation as it absorbs sweat and which can create infection.
  • Change your panty if it is wet in your sweat.
  • Dead skins can cause odor.
  • Discharge, its common to discharge at any point of time but it is necessary.
Very tight cloth can be a cause for your vaginal odor. Washing your fecal matter properly is very important as it can cause infection of various types.
Breathable material like cotton is the best options for any women's facing vaginal odor problem. Try to wear more breathable cotton pants as it tends to hold less moisture near your vagina.


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Food plays an important role in vaginal odor. Drinking lots of water or water based foods can eliminate the vaginal odor but strong smelling foods can affect your vaginal odor. Eating excessive amounts of onions, garlic, coffee or any other foods with strong smell can affect your vaginal odor.

Solutions for your vaginal odor

1. Drinking Lots of Water:

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Drinking a lots of water is something that solves most of the problems, as it flushes out all the bacteria from your body. Detoxing your body is an important regime to cure vaginal odor. As it is essential for every women to wash their vagina every time they use toilet like wise a women should drink minimum 2 liters of water.

2. Essential Oil:

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During Your bath time you can use essential oils. Infusing essential oils will help you to get rid of other small bacterial infections. Tea tree oil, peppermint oil or lavender oil can be very helpful for vaginal odor problems.
  • During bath infuse your bathwater with 4 to 5 drops of essential oils.
  • This will help your skin to get rejuvenate and get rid of any type of infection.

3. Medical treatment :

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Probiotics are the good bacteria which help you to maintain ph level in your vagina. Maintaining ph balance of your vagina helps to remove odor. It also prevents from bacterial causing infections and yeast infection.
If your vaginal odor is so intense that it's affecting people around you then you should consult with a physician. Before using any type of medication you should consult with your doctor. If your vaginal odor is smelling like fishy smell, pungent etc then you should consult your doctor.

4. Apple cider vinegar:

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During bath mix 1/2 cup of of apple cider vinegar with warm water you are going to take bath. Wash your vagina with this water, repeat this process thrice a week t get a effective result. Generally warm water disturb the ph level of your vagina but here it helps in maintaining and removing the odor from your vagina. Soak for 20mins for effective results.

5.Excessive Vaginal discharge :

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Excessive discharge is another reason for your vaginal odor. Excessive amount of white discharge is indication that your health is not in a good position. You have to drink lots of water and other drinks like coconut water to cool your body. If your discharge is excessive and you can't able to control your discharge then you should consult with your doctor.

6. Baking soda:

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Baking soda is another magic ingredient, mix 1cup of soda with water and soak your lower body for 20mins. You will be astonished how this easy method will work with in a minute of its use. Baking soda controls the ph level of your body thus fighting the bacterial and fungal infections. This treatment will eliminate the odor but you have to continue this process at least once a week.

7. Neem:

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Neem is another magical anti bacterial ingredient, it is used to treat various skin problems. Since vaginal odor is caused due to bacterial functions. It is very effective in treating vaginal odor.
  • Boil 10 to 12 neem leaves in 1cup of water.
  • You can soak this leaves on water and use that water to treat vaginal odor.
  • Wash your vagina using this water.

8. Amla:

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It is another home remedy for vaginal odor. Amla has anti bacterial, anti oxidation, anti inflammation quality which makes it great product for any skin bacterial treatment.
  • Slice amla and boil till it changes it's colour.
  • Apply this around your vagina and wash of 20 mins.
  • You can drink amla juice to get rid of vaginal odor, you can add cumin and salt for more affect.
  • Consume this juice first thing in the morning to get better result.

9. White Vinegar:

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It's a common house hold product you can find it in every house's kitchen. It is proven to work like a magic, this helps in maintaining your ph level of your vagina and also eliminates the vaginal odor.
  • Mix half cup of white vinegar and salt with luke warm water.
  • Sock on that water for 30 mins.
  • Repeat this process for 3 times a week for few week and it will go away.

10. Citrus fruits:

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Citrus fruits contain a huge amount of Vitamin C, which fights any bacterial growth. Eating citrus fruits can fight any types of bacteria through out the body. This fruits not only help you to get rid of vaginal odor but also any other body odor and also boost your immunity power.
  • Apply raw juice of any citric fruit can kill your vaginal odor.
  • Socking citric fruits in your bath water and taking bath with that water can help you to fight your vaginal odor.
  • Repeat this process few times a week to get rid of the odor completely.

11. Yogurt:

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Yogurt is another anti bacterial which helps in fight any type of infections. It also helps in restoring the Ph level of your vagina. Balancing Ph level is main, once you know the tricks how to maintain your then you will get rid of your vaginal odor permanently.
  • Eat two bowl of unsweetened yogurt every day as it will kill all the bacterial that is causing your infection.
  • Apply yogurt on your vagina for 15mins and wash-off using water. This will help you to get rid of the odor
  • Repeat this process for few weeks.

How to prevent vaginal odor in future

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  • Stay clean: Washing and changing your under garments is an important part of your regime.
  • Probiotics: These are the good bacteria which helps you to maintain  the Ph level of your vagina.
  • Drinking Water: Drinking a minimum 2 liters of water helps your body to flush out all the harmful bacteria from your body. Eating fruits containing high amount of water can make your body hydrated and nourished.
  • Healthy Diet: Maintaining a healthy proper diet helps your body to fight many types of bacterial and fungal infections. Eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps your body to nourish and fight any type of diseases.
  • Don't wear cloths that are too tight : As too tight cloth cuts of the oxygen. Its important that your vagina is getting enough oxygen.
  • Washing: Wash every time after you use  bathroom. Even after you have sex, wash your vagina to wash of any semen or lubrication from the condom. This helps to reduce the bacterial level of your vagina.
  • Don't use any deodorant on your vagina directly:  Using scented soap can affect your Ph level.
There are many types of vaginal odor and what it means is described in this video

Check your hormonal balance from your doctor. If the vaginal odor is constant and you can't get rid of it using any of the home remedies then you should check it with your doctor immediately. Here we have collectively written down the reasons and how to get rid of the odor. Do let us know if we have skipped any point then let us know on the comment section down below.


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