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9 Must Have Products For No Makeup Look

Makeup is something that can help you to enhance your beauty. Doing makeup is an art, so mastering up this art and make it look like that you haven't done anything is a craft. Its all about how you can keep your look simple and flawless. No makeup look is perfect for every day wear like going to office or for a brunch and you want a clean and polish look. To make your look all natural is not easy, you need few specific products. This look makes you look more confident, as it shows that confidence doesn't comes with makeup. Everybody wants to go all natural and without makeup but as we know how our daily life plays. So here we came with the list of products that are suitable for your no-makeup look.
The important part of no makeup look is all about how healthy your skin is. It makes your look healthy, glowing and beautiful.
1. Innisfree green tea mineral mist: To begin with the makeup you have to first prepare your skin. This mist is non-sticky, you don't have to wash your…

14 Effective Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

In this hectic and busy schedule of our daily life, we fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle means as you know eating healthy food, enough sleep, sufficient drinking which has a enormous effect on your skin and hair both. Hair get damaged due to so many things knowingly or unknowingly. Our hair need sufficient amount of moisture, hydration, nutrients, vitamins as all are equally important to maintain a nice texture. Not every time you need go to a parlor and go for hair straightening, smoothing, keratin treatment, spa treatment you can also maintain it by treating it from the very beginning or it is never too late for you to start.
1. Don't wash your hair frequently with shampoo- Too much use of shampoo is not good for your hair. Your scalp has natural oils and nutrients which moisturize and hydrates your hair and act as a barrier for the skin and hair. Shampoo leads to hair breakage, make your hair dry.Try to use it three times a week but it also depends on you…

Morning Skincare Routine That Will Make Your Skin Flawless

Morning is the important part of your life because every morning determines how your day is going to be. Every day we all want to begin our morning with a fresh start. Likewise every morning we all want our skin to feel fresh, beautiful and rejuvenate. Beautiful glowing skin is the reflection of what you eat and how you care for your skin. Following a strict routine will help you to get a healthy skin which will make you look young and beautiful. So we came up with a guide which you can follow to maintain a healthy, youthful and soft skin.
Things you should do to get a flawless skin:Remove your make-up before going to sleep.Intake at-least one seasonal fruit because a healthy diet is as important as your beauty regime.Sleep for no less than 8 hours.Try to use silk pillow covers, to avoid wrinkles.Drink minimum 2 liters of water, as it flushes out all the impurities from your body.Using make-up regularly, tends to affect your skin in the long run. So sometimes skip applying makeup and…

10 Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

We all love our hair, it is our companion for life long. It is such thing that need to take proper care otherwise you have to face early baldness. Hair also need lots of nutrient, proteins, vitamins and it should be provided. Cleansing you hair, applying protein hair mask, keep oiling, steaming everything is necessary for your hair. Excessive hair fall can cause depression and we keep trying every other products, home remedies, medicines, we just need your hair to stay. But you never thought of essential oil can be a help for your hair growth.

Essential oil is such thing that can be a solution to many problems including your hair. There is a saying that 'Big Things Come in Small Packages'- essential oil are perfect example of that. Just 2-3 drops can do magic. Essential oil is beneficial for controlling hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, strengthen and nourishes your hair. It is one thing that is safe to use rather than any other conventional product in the market.

Now we will …