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Makeup tips to make you look younger

Who don't want to look evergreen?
We all look up to celebrities that how they look younger at the age of 40 !!
We all get older day by day and we miss the healthy, glowing and youthful looking skin. We all dream of looking young in our older age but it is not possible without taking care of your skin. We should always take care of our skin at our very early age, otherwise we have to undergo into surgeries or any critical processes.  Youthful looking skin is the reflection of your health and fitness of your body. By maintaining good skin care routine, changing your lifestyle, doing exercise, using good skin friendly products will help you to stay young and have a glowing skin too.
There are several ways to maintain your skin accordingly at your early age, for that you need a proper skin care routine and also tips that will help you look young from inside and it will surely reflects from outside. Those tips are-

1. Cleansing your face and at the same time don't over wash your f…

Daily Makeup Routine for Indian skin

Are you in love with makeup?? People commenting on you for your loud makeup So you are confused with what to do with your face on a daily basis!!
Stop worrying,we have enlisted some basic makeup routine for you on a casual day-
All the beautiful ladies out there loves to do makeup. You should always be choosy about your makeup, use products that will suits your skin, choose shades according to your skin tone, maintain your skin with daily routine process that is necessary for your skin.
We want to do makeup on a daily basis and also we want that the makeup doesn't look loud and want to keep it simple. When you are going for your office, colleges or any other organisations where you work that is always during daytime and heavy makeup will turn you out to look cakey. Always try light makeup which will look simple and elegant. But you can always go for medium or heavy makeup look during night it will look good and not a eye catchy thing.
Here are some suggestions enlisted for you to m…

Best lipstick shades for dusky skin tone

People with fair skin tone looks beautiful and get all attraction and makeup dresses everything look good on them is a myth now. People having dusky skin looks really attractive, many people adore them. Makeup actually flatters dusky skin tone but they have to be careful choosing their perfect shade and color. Lipstick is one of the essential thing in makeup it just completes the look or without makeup just the lipstick also looks great. People with dusky skin tone can use all the colors but every person have their likes and dislikes what they want to wear or when they want to wear, also depends on which occasion they want to wear. You can look for nude color, go for bold and brighter colors depends on you.
TipsYou can use a lip scrubber or you can also use honey and sugar as a scrubber to clean out the dead cells.After that use a good lip balm to moisture your lips.If your lips are dark or have black patches then apply foundation or concealer before applying lipstick this will help t…

Top 10 best concealer for every skin types

Every person has imperfection and we have to deal with that. We all want perfect and flawless skin without others knowing our flaws and faults, every person have blemishes, dark patches, acne, scars and it's quite normal. Concealer works like a saviour, it conceals everything up to certain extent. The concealer comes in different form liquid, cream, stick etc. It is confusing to choose a choncealer which will suite your skin tone and give an stunning result. That's why we research and try a whole bunch of concealor and compiled best of them into a list.
 Top 10 best concealer for every skin tone Let's just start reviewing top 10 concealers that I have used and you people must give it a try.
1. L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD If you are looking for a budget-friendly and also a good concealer then I can recommend you at least give it a try it is price worthy and also will cover your flaws greatly and without using foundation you can just use your concealer and you ready to rock the…