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9 Must Have Products For No Makeup Look

Makeup is something that can help you to enhance your beauty. Doing makeup is an art, so mastering up this art and make it look like that you haven't done anything is a craft. Its all about how you can keep your look simple and flawless. No makeup look is perfect for every day wear like going to office or for a brunch and you want a clean and polish look. To make your look all natural is not easy, you need few specific products. This look makes you look more confident, as it shows that confidence doesn't comes with makeup. Everybody wants to go all natural and without makeup but as we know how our daily life plays. So here we came with the list of products that are suitable for your no-makeup look.
The important part of no makeup look is all about how healthy your skin is. It makes your look healthy, glowing and beautiful.
1. Innisfree green tea mineral mist: To begin with the makeup you have to first prepare your skin. This mist is non-sticky, you don't have to wash your…

12 best organic shampoos (that actually work)

Bad hair days are just like nightmares, we need something to handle and manage our hair. Shampoo can be a armor against your bad hair days.We all want shampoo that has no harmful chemicals, can clean our hair thoroughly without leaving any traces of oil and can make it manageable, shiny and soft. Shampoo should be medicated or organic which will provide you best results that means less hair fall, makes your hair shiny, lustrous, dandruff free and tangle free. So stop using chemical shampoos and go for organic shampoos which will fulfill your demands.

Always try to avoid these chemical ingredients, contains in your shampoo-
HARSH SULFATES SLS and SLES are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a widely used inexpensive chemical found in shampoos and many other products. They are added to the shampoos because of their cheap and effective bubbling properties.
PARABENS Chemicals including methylparaben, ethylparaben, and propylparaben can penetrate through your skin which can cause dermatitis and aller…

Daily Skin Care Routine For this Summer

Summer is here and now! it brings horror show for skin.When umbrella is your best friend, you have to take a special care for your skin. Someone just don't get a healthy flawless skin seating idle, you have to nourish your skin daily and have to follow a daily skin care routine. In summer oily skin tends to get more oily and dry skin gets patchy, so removal of dirt and oil from your skin is important, to make it look fresh in hot summer day. We came up with a detailed routine which you can follow this summer.
During summer we tend to loose more water from our body than normal, as we sweat a lot. we need to hydrate ourselves by drinking lots of water, minimum 1 ltr per day. To maintain the moisture level in our body. Include fruit juice or fruits with high water content in your diet.During day time when you are out in sun and you are feeling oily and irritated use face mist to feel fresh. Here are few face mist you can use.
Here: 1. Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist

15 Holy Grail Beauty Products That Actually Follow Through Their Claims

We all are fond of beauty products and we want such type of products that actually does wonder to your skin. Now all in our busy schedule we don't have so much time to make face packs, eat sufficient amount of nutrients, don't have enough time to sleep but we still want to look beautiful in a artificial way. So here are some products that actually follow what they claims to do.
1. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water- This micellar cleansing water wipes out all your makeup in just one swipe. It is very gentle to your skin you don't have to forcefully wipe out your makeup.It wipes out your makeup easily and doesn't dry your skin out or make it oily. It is very neutral and your skin will feel normal afterwards, rather than treated in any way. This does the job without breaking out and worth buying.

2. NYX Professional Makeup Professional Makeup Butter Gloss- If you are in love with a gloss this product is just a insane product that a gloss lover will definitel…