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Top 10 best concealer for every skin types

Every person has imperfection and we have to deal with that. We all want perfect and flawless skin without others knowing our flaws and faults, every person have blemishes, dark patches, acne, scars and it's quite normal. Concealer works like a saviour, it conceals everything up to certain extent. The concealer comes in different form liquid, cream, stick etc. It is confusing to choose a choncealer which will suite your skin tone and give an stunning result. That's why we research and try a whole bunch of concealor and compiled best of them into a list.
 Top 10 best concealer for every skin tone Let's just start reviewing top 10 concealers that I have used and you people must give it a try.
1. L.A Girl Pro Conceal HD If you are looking for a budget-friendly and also a good concealer then I can recommend you at least give it a try it is price worthy and also will cover your flaws greatly and without using foundation you can just use your concealer and you ready to rock the…