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50 Fashion Tips and Tricks You Should Know In Your 30's

Fashion is something which evolves as the time goes by. Each season brings new fashion and with each fashion comes a new fashion icon who can carry that style like a pro. But there are some fashion tips and tricks which are followed by everyone and their mothers, these are the fashion tips which you can absolutely swear by. So here we same up with few tips and tricks, that will made you think "Why didn't I think of That?".
Show your skin strategically, showing too much of your skin doesn't look sexy. Knowing what to show and what to keep under wraps. It's a choice you have to make what do you want to show. To create illusion of longer leg wear nude pumps. Find shoes which matches your skin-tone.To remove bad odor from your shoes, leave orange or lemon peel inside the shoe overnight.Feel what you are wearing, don't just wear anything because you think it's trendy, just wear those things which looks good on you and you are comfortable in wearing it.Wear your…

Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

Wardrobe is something which helps in conveying your personality to the world. The essentials which will make or break your look. The wardrobe from where you can make any kind of dress for any occasion. The essentials which you must have to build a wardrobe, a collection of items which will make day to day dressing infinitely easier. So here we came up with list of few essential items which will make your life so much easier.
A Plain white tee:
A clean white slate is always needed, which you can always dress or dress down as you wish. This is a piece of garment which you can wear any time of the year.  Adding things to your plain white tee can make you look more fashionable, edge. Now it depends on you what type of look you want to carry for that day.
A Button up Shirt:
A shirt is something that can fit into both casual or formal events. You can wear jeans or skirt depending on where you are going. Add a chunky neck-piece with your shirt to make it more edge and funky. Wear your shirt…

What To Wear For Your First Date??

Tensed! about your first date, above this tension you have to think about how to dress for your First date. First Date is always nerve wrecking, there is an excitement of knowing that person which will make your palm sweat.  So you always want to dress to impress but don't go overboard or wear something that is too revealing, leave something to their imagination. So here we came up with a  few  ideas about clothes which you can wear for your first date.
1.Choose comfortable dress:

Choose something you are comfortable in, don't wear something where you are always thinking about when you will get out of those clothes. So wear something in which you are not thinking about the dress but about knowing the person. Comfortable clothing doesn't mean you go there wearing sweats, wear something which will show you have put on some efforts for that date.
2. Dress accordingly:

Check out the venue online before going on a date and dress according to the venue and don't forget abou…