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How to get pink lips naturally without makeup

Who doesn't want a pink, juicy and kissable lips?
Dry, chapped and dark pigmented lips are just not a thing which should be remain untreated. Dark patchy lips are always treatable, you should have to take care for that. Pink lips without lip balm and lipstick are so adorable and looks healthy. Healthy lips is a sign of your health that you are great from inside.
Dark lips are not always natural it's also due to many internal and external problems.

What are the causes behind your dark lips?Dehydration- Dehydration is also one of the main factor for dry chapped lips. The flakes which comes out from the lips doesn't look good, for that reason people lick their lips as it become too dry. Licking their lips should be terminated now because it will make your lips worse. Try to hydrate yourself by drinking enough amount of water and also use lip balm.Sun exposure- Sun exposure can increase the melanin production on your lip. It damage your skin as well as lips, hyperpigmentation…