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9 Must Have Products For No Makeup Look

Makeup is something that can help you to enhance your beauty. Doing makeup is an art, so mastering up this art and make it look like that you haven't done anything is a craft. Its all about how you can keep your look simple and flawless. No makeup look is perfect for every day wear like going to office or for a brunch and you want a clean and polish look. To make your look all natural is not easy, you need few specific products. This look makes you look more confident, as it shows that confidence doesn't comes with makeup. Everybody wants to go all natural and without makeup but as we know how our daily life plays. So here we came with the list of products that are suitable for your no-makeup look.
The important part of no makeup look is all about how healthy your skin is. It makes your look healthy, glowing and beautiful.
1. Innisfree green tea mineral mist: To begin with the makeup you have to first prepare your skin. This mist is non-sticky, you don't have to wash your…

13 Life Changing Makeup tips Every Girl Should know

It's a fun being a girl you can dress up and do makeups but not always you have to deal with few real struggle to achieve this perfect look or maintain that look. We sometimes need a quick fix and there these tips will come hand. Do you know you can use your lipstick as a blush as well as eye shadow? You can fix your broken eye shadow palette? Or you can use hairspray in so many other ways? So don't just waste your money buying new products if you just open your makeup pouch or box you will able to do so many things. Some of you are pro in doing makeup. But you must also be knowing some makeup tricks which will flatter your makeup even more. So makeup tricks are not the guidelines to do makeup its the tricks that you may know to make your makeup look more prominent and natural. Just do experiments with your makeup essentials who knows you can also find some beautiful tricks that will help you in a lot more many ways, but make sure it doesn't turn out to be a disaster.

How to make your makeup last longer

Worried about your makeup not staying all day long!!
You have taken so much time to do your makeup and your winged liner just look perfect today! You're eye brows are just on point and the makeup just look flawless on you and after few hours you just check out yourself in the mirror and everything is just messed up, your skin had gone oily or your foundation look cakey because of your sweat and your lipstick had faded. It's not possible to touch up your makeup in every single hour.
There must be some reason behind why your makeup is not staying too long-
You must be using wrong product- The product that you are using doesn't match your skin type or you are using products that doesn't suits you or it can be you are not using oil free products or good staying power products.  Use products with good spf, long wearing, and products that suits your skin type, go for good makeup brands.You are putting hands on your face too many times- You are using your hand too much in you…