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Makeup Tips: 18 common makeup myths you should stop believing right now

We all have false beliefs in something that can be anything related to and we do believe it without thinking about it without finding logic behind it. In the makeup world there are also many myths that we do believe or we just try out not even thinking what effect would happen after it.  So this post is here for you to open your eyes from the misconception you made up in your mind.
1. Makeup causes breakouts, acne and its harmful to skin-
Its not your makeup that causes acne or break out, it's for not taking proper care of your skin, doesn't maintain a daily skin regime and also it is due to your inside part, not proper digestion or there are many other health issues which results in acne. Due to your dirty brushes you are using it for centuries, or using expired makeup products not throwing them. Breakout causes due to not removing makeup at night and sleep as it is it's always necessary to wear off your makeup before going to bed, it is also for your long term otherwise…